NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis – 23rd April 2017 (Slot 1 + Slot 2)

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis 2017NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis  23rd April 2017 (Slot 1) – Overall Question paper review, cut off, questions asked.


NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis – 23rd April 2017 (Slot 1)

Waiting for the NIACL Assistant Preliminary exam overview? NIACL Assistant Prelims examination is half done by completing its 1st  slot on 23rd April 2017. The exam was a great session with so many responses from the students. Students must be awaiting for the NIACL Assistant 23rd April exam review. In this article i.e. NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis 23rd April 2017 (Slot 1), we will give you entire analysis across all sections of the NIACL Assistant Prelims exam conducted on 23rd April 2017. So, let us move forward with NIACL Assistant Prelims 23rd April 2017 Exam Analysis.
NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern:
Before moving to the NIACL Assistant 23rd April 2017 exam review, let us take a look at the NIACL Assistant Prelims exam pattern
Subject Questions Marks
English Language 30 30
Reasoning Ability 35 35
Numerical Ability 35 35
Total Marks 100 100
Duration of the exam- 1 hour

NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis 23rd April Slot/Shift 1 :
NIACL Assistant Prelims 23rd April 2017 Question Paper Review – The overall difficulty level of Slot 1 was Easy-Moderate and the number of safe attempts to clear the cut- off was 74-78.

NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis- 23rd April 2017 : Overall Good Attempts

Here is the today’s NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam 2017 Section-wise Good attempts to Qualify in Slot 1 (23rd April 2017).
Subjects Good Attempts Time
English Language 18-22 15
Reasoning Ability 25-27 20
Quantitative Aptitude 23-25 25
Let us now move on to the section wise analysis of NIACL Assistant 23rd April Slot 1 exam:
NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis-
Reasoning Ability:
Topics Difficulty level Number of questions
Seating Arrangement/ Puzzles Easy-Moderate 15
Syllogism Easy 5
Alphabetic and Alphanumeric Series Easy 5
Miscellaneous Easy 10
Numerical Ability:
Topics Difficulty level Number of questions
Series Easy 5
Data Interpretation Easy 5
Simplification Easy 10
Miscellaneous(SI,CI, Speed &Time, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Averages, Ages, Ratio etc.) Easy-Moderate 15
English Language:
Topics Difficulty level Number of questions
Reading Comprehension Easy 10
Error Correction Easy 10
Cloze Test Easy 10

NIACL Assistant Prelims section-wise detailed analysis & type of questions asked:

Numerical Ability:
  1. series- 5 Q (easy)- series on difference, double difference,multiplication of .5,1,1.5……………
  2. simplification- 10 Q-(easy)- simple question on calculation, surds and indices.(questions were of small length, no lengthy Q.) No questions of approximation.
  3. Table DI-5 Q (easy) – (pencil sold by 5 shops on 7 different days)- simple question to find out average,comparison in percent.
  4. Arithmetic and mensuration- 15 Q(easy to moderate)- 3 Q on 2 D mensuration and 12 Q. on time and work, age, partnership, installment, boat and stream.
Reasoning Ability:
  1. syllogism- 5 Q (moderate)
  2. linear arrangement-8 people in a line facing north.(5 Q)
  3. square arrangement- 4 people sitting on side facing inward ,4 people sitting on  corner facing outward (5 Q)
  4. 5 Q on puzzle – 2 variable( 7 people visit on 7 days)
  5. alpha numeric series- 5 Q(easy)
  6. Question on dictionary-  5 Q(easy)
  7. blood relation, coding decoding, direction – 5 Q

English Language:
10 -cloze test (moderate)
10 – RC (moderate)
10-spotting error (moderate)

NIACL Assistant Prelims Analysis – 2nd Slot (11:30 AM to 12:30 AM)

#1. English Section – NIACL Assistant Analysis

Reading Comprehension – 10 Qs – Easy – Story based (Synonym & Antonym were asked)
Cloze Test – 10 Qs – Easy – Based on Culture
Error Spotting – 10 Qs – Moderate

#2. Reasoning Section – NIACL Assistant Analysis

Reasoning section was of the Easy level. Seating Arrangement & Puzzle questions were of the Moderate level.
Square Arrangement – 5 Qs – Moderate – 8 persons sitting in around a square table. The persons who are sitting at the corner are facing outside & those who are sitting at the centre are facing inside.
Linear Arrangement – 5 Qs – Moderate – 8 Persons sitting in a single row, all facing north.
Puzzle – 5 Qs – Moderate – 7 people reading 7 different books on different weekdays (Mon to Sat).
Syllogisms – 5 Qs – Moderate
Coding Decoding – 2 Qs – Single word coding  – Moderate
Blood Relations – 1 Qs – Easy
Directions & Distances – 2 Qs – Easy
Alphabet & Word Test – 5 Qs – Easy
Alphanumeric Series –  5 Qs – Easy

#3. Quant Section – NIACL Assistant Analysis

This section was most scoring if you have a good calculation speed.
Data Interpretation – 5 Qs – Easy – Tabular form based on “Sale of Pen by different stores on different days
Number Series – 5 Qs – Easy to Moderate
Simplification & Approximation – 10 Qs – Easy
Quadratic Equations – Not Asked
Miscellaneous* – 15 Qs – Moderate
*Miscellaneous Questions are based on the topics {Time Speed Distance, Average Speed, Boat & Stream, Trains, Time & Work, Pipes & Cisterns, Efficiency, Mixtures & Alligations, Dishonest Dealings, Simple & Compound Interest, Profit & Loss, Partnership, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Ratio Proportion, Percentages, Averages, Problems on Age}



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