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1. Which  rock is different from the remaining three on the basis of its mode of origin? - Marble
2. Which  land forms is not associated with river erosion? - Moraines
3. Which latitudes is the longest? - 0°
4. Two places on the same meridian must have the same—  Solar time
5. When it is 6.00 AM on 0° meridian, at the same time what time would be there in India? - 11.30 AM
6. Which  processes helps in the formation of rift valley? Faulting
7. Which  names is given to the planetary winds blowing between the tropics? - Trade winds
8. Which  citie is not located on Varanasi-Chennai rail-route? - Allahabad
9. Where is Dead Sea situated in the following continents?  - Asia
10. Which  industries is most developed in the Great Lakes region of North America? - Steel and Engineering
11. Which group of countries is most famous for exporting wool and meat? Australia, Argentina, New Zealand
12. Which  soil is most suitable for the cultivation of cotton in India? - Regur soil
13. Which  state groups is the largest producer of iron-ore in India? - Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar
14. Which landform is different from other three on the basis of the mode of origin? - Rift Valley
15. Which  landform is not associated with glaciation?  Inselberg
16. Which order is given to the planets of solar system on the basis of their size? - Jupitar, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury
17. As we go higher into the atmosphere, the air becomes— Thinner
18. From which  longitude the Indian standard time is determined? - 82° 30' East
19. Which  oceans are connected by Panama Canal? Pacific and Atlantic
20. For which crop production is 'Saopalo' famous? - Coffee
21. Which  State group is largest producer of mineral oil in India? - Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra
22. Which water-ways does not pass through the Panama Canal? -  New York-Buenos Aires
23. Which  latitudes is a great circle? - Equator
24. Which city is not located on Delhi-Kolkata rail route? - Varanasi
25. Which industrie is famous in the Ruhr industrial region of Europe?  - Steel and Engineering
26. If the direction of the earth's rotation on its axis is east-west, what would be the direction of Trade wind blowing in Southern hemisphere? - South-East
27. The coldest hour of the day is approximately—  3 a.m.
28. Which  is fibre mineral? - Asbestos
29. What are asteroids? - Minor planets revolving round the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
30. What is Isthmus? - A narrow strip of land joining two seas or oceans
31. Which  phenomena causes the shape of the Earth ? - Rotation
32. Which is the location of a point on the globe that is antipodal to 65° North Latitude and 30° East Longitude? - 65° South Lat., 150° West Long
33. The surface of the earth is still irregular inspite of millions of years of gradation, because— Parts of the crust have been uplifted
34. What would result if the sedimentary deposit of the Ganga Plain is compressed between the Himalayas and the Deccan Plateau and then uplifted? - Fold mountain
35. What would happen to ocean water if the moon comes nearer to the earth ? -Increase in height of oceanic tides
36. The line joining places of equal atmospheric pressure is termed— Isobar
37. What would happen to types of rainfall if the earth's surface becomes all plain? - No orographic rainfall
38. The maximum risk to air travel is from—  Fogs
39. Which one  countries is the largest producer of rice in the world? - China
40. Which  countries possesses a strong natural resource base for iron and steel industry ? - Russia
41. The present day search for fuels alternative to petroleum, is due mainly to—  Increase in the consumption of petroleum
42. What is the population density of a District which has 50 Lakh people and 25 thousand square kilometres area? -  200 persons per sq. km.
43. The Savana type of climate is characterized by—  Humid summers and dry winters
44. Which soil has the largest percentage of the land area of the world ? - Aridisols
45. The concept of Peneplain was propounded by — Davis
46. The line joining the points of equal height above sea level is known as — Contour
47. The concept of base level was given by — Powell
48. The principle of Interaction was introduced by — Brunhes
49. Which is a Mega City in the world ? - Tokyo
50. “Man is a product of earth surface.” This statement was made by — Semple
51. Which one  is the longest river in the world ? - Nile
52. Which has the highest rank in Human Development ? - Malaysia
53. The shelter of Badwins tribe is known as — Reed-Hut
54. The R.F. of 45 N/13 will be — 1 : 50,000
55. The main contribution of Al-Idris was in the field of — Cartography
56. The author of Anthropogeography was — Ratzel F.
57. The prime meridian of the classical Indian geographers used to be drawn through the city of — Ujjain
58. The Tetrahedral Theory was propounded by — Lowthian Green
59. The International Airport of Washington D.C. is known as — Dulles International Airport
60. The concept of Continental Drift was propounded by — Wegener
61. Which is the most busy navigable river ? - Rhine
62. Which is the largest city of Africa ? - Cairo
63. The island of Socotra belongs to — Yemen
64. Mt. Kota Kinabalu is the highest peak in—  Malaysia
65. Which countrie has the highest density of population ? - Japan
66. Hoover Dam is located on — Colorado River
67. World’s deepest Ocean Trench is — Marianas Trench
68. The marshy lands of rivers are known as ‘Sudd’ in which countrie ? - Sudan
69. Brazilian Plateau is rich in — Iron ore
70. Which river in India flows In a rift-valley? – Narmada
71. What is the most important food crop of Australia? – Wheat
72. Which area is conducive for well irrigation? – Deltaic regions of Mahanadi, Godavari and Krishna
73. Radioactive decay provides an internal source of heat for the earth. This helps in the formation of which type of rocks? – Igneous
74. Which river crosses the equator two times? – Congo River
75. Which tree specie does not belong to deciduous vegetation? – Deodar
76. What do we call the Rocks having large quantity of underground water and permitting ready flow of water? – Aquifers
77. Which railway connecting two stations has been recognised as heritage railway line by UNESCO? – Siliguri and Darjeeling
78. Which hill station is called as the 'Queen of the Satpuras' ? – Panchmarhi
79. From where the Adam's Bridge begins? – Dhanuskodi
80. Which country is at the top in terms of percentage of total coffee production in the world? – Brazil
81. Which system contains the oldest rock formation of India? – Archean System
82. Which ocean currents mixes with Labrador current ? – Florida current
83. Which is the major occupation in equatorial region? – Growing of tropical crops
84. Which State shares common boundaries with maximum number of other States? – Chhattisgarh
85. Which dams is constructed across Krishna River? – Srisailam Dam
86. Diamond Ring, God's Eye and Baily's Beads are the parts of which natural phenomenon? – Solar eclipse
87. Of which country mineral oil was economically drilled in 1857? – Romania
88. The greatest seasonal contrast of insolation on the earth is in which latitudinal zones? – Tropical
89. What are the reasons of Variations in the length of day-time and night-time from season to season? – Revolution of the earth on a tilted axis
90. In which region is Biodiversity richer? – Tropical regions
91. Which is a sea without' having a coastline? – Sargasso Sea
92. In which country is drip irrigation more efficiently used? – Israel
93. Oil is found in petroliferous rock. Which structure demonstrates an ideal trap? – Anticlinal structure
94. In which region are Mid-latitude cyclones formed – strong temperature contrasts
95. How is the The drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rock termed? – Trellis
96. Which strait separates Australia and Tasmania? – Bass
97. What is The humidity of air measured in percentage? – Relative humidity
98. Through which range Jawahar tunnel on Jammu-Srimigar highway passes? – Pir Panjal range
99. What term does 'albedo' implie? – proportion of the shortwave solar radiation reflected by a surface 
100. In which resion Softwood forests are mostly found? – Himalayan region

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