RRB NTPC Exam Complete GK List Asked on 31st March 2016

The Railway RRB NTPC exam 2016 is being held in full swing with lakhs of candidates appearing across India.Since the railway exam is conducted in 3 shifts every day, many questions are being shared by people who have completed the test.This is particularly helpful for those who are looking to prepare for GK section in RRB exam.So we are providing the compilation of GK questions that was asked during these days.

We had already discussed about the RRB exam review the areas from which questions were asked.Arithmetic & Reasoning problems are of basic level only if you know to apply the right formulas, answering them is quiteeasy.

RRB Exam GK Questions
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Railway recruitment boards (RRB) seem to have different sets of question papers.We couldnt collect it from all RRBs, so sharing whatever we were able to gather from candidates & public domain.

Why Pravasi Bhartiya diwas is celebrated? ==>To mark the contribution of the overseas Indian community to india`s development
What is Guru Shikhar? ==>Peak
What is English Ivy? ==>Plant
Where is Inventory Muscle?  ==>In walls of internal organs
Mycology is study of? ==>Fungi
Tirumala temple situated in which hills? ==>Seshachalam (Sheshadri)
Which Indian Scientist contradicted Einstein's theory of Energy(e=mc²)? ==>Ajay Sharma
What is brihadeshwara temple made of? ==>Granite
Terracotta army is in which country?==> China
When was theory of relativity Proposed? ==>1915
Common language used in Tamilnadu & Sri Lanka?==> Tamil
Bankers of Banks?==> RBI
Asian Games Held in India ? ==>1951
National unity day? ==>31st Oct
Headquarters of NASA? ==>Washington DC
Osama Bin laden was killed at?==> Tora Bora, Afghanistan
What is IMO? ==> International maritime organisation
First home minister? ==>Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
National highway greenery plan?==> To Plant trees along 6,000 km of highways.
Computer Security Day – ==>30 Nov
Meaning of Grand Slams? ==>Four important annual Tennis events.
Kurukshetra is near which city?==> Ambala
Kalpana chawla`s space shuttle name- ==>Columbia
AC TO DC is converted by? ==>Rectifier
A disease where person can see only nearby objects? ==>Myopia
Who was Gandhi’s Political Guru?==> Gopala Krishna Gokhale
New Scheme for Farmers? ==>Crop Insurance Scheme
Kudankulam nuclear power plant is situated in? ==>Tamil Nadu
First woman CM?==> Sucheta Kriplani
Chandrayaan -1 launched in which year? ==>2008
Who hits 6 sixes in an over in world cup T20?==> Yuvraj Singh
Highest Tea Producing State of India?==> Assam
Who Won Gold Medal in Tennis at 2012 Olympics? ==>Andy Murray
Kuchipudi dance form belongs to which state?==> Andhra Pradesh
UNSECO announced World heritage site in 1985?==> Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
Who plays a key role in Nalanda university? ==> Chancellor
Water droplets cause rainbow due to?==> Spectrum of Light
Winner of Badminton in 2014 Commonwealth games held at Glasgow?==> Parupalli Kashyap
Who appoints Governor? ==>President
Partition of Bengal in 1905 was done by?==> Lord Curzon
Indian village where people speak in Sanskrit?==> Mattur (Karnataka)
Who is the founder of Slave dynasty? ==>Qutb-ud-din Aybak
Virat kohli awarded Arjuna Award in which year?==> 2013
Triratna is associated with which religion?==> Buddhism
Bangladesh Independence day?==> 26th March ,1971
Hirakud Dam situated on which river? ==>Mahanadi
Number of Columns in MS Excel?==> 256
Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Mission?==> 2019
Legislative power vested with whom in India? ==>President
1 Gigabyte equals to how many bytes? ==>1 Billion bytes
International Gandhi Peace Prize given to Single person or Organization?==> Both
Who was called Edison of India? -==> G.D.Naidu
Founder of Mexican communist Party & Communist Party of India -==> M.N.Roy
Evaporation of liquid to absorb heat is a principle used in? ==>Refrigerator
Webpages are written in? ==>HTML
Captcha is used for? ==>Differentiate between human and robot
Young crocodiles are called? ==>Hatchlings
2018 FIFA world cup venue? ==>Moscow (Russia)
NuSTAR – X ray is used to detect?==> Black Holes
Dialysis is treatment for? ==>Kidney
NFC is based on? ==>RFID
Larynx is? ==>Voice box
Prostrate in our body is a?==> Gland
Study of Earth? ==>Geology
Water is mixture of ? ==>Hydrogen and Oxygen
Radish is Fruit or Vegetable? ==> Vegetable
How many players in a team in Volleyball?==> 6



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