Study Material for Reasoning : Analogy

From this analogy question and answers your level of thinking and solving will be analysed, practice well to improve your analysing and problem solving skills. Here are some ways to improve your creativity, memory, emotion, perception, explanation, decision making and communication skills.
Anology means comparison between one thing and another, for the purpose of clarification (or) explanation
Based on the nature of first object second will be defined
Let see some examples
Level I
1) ‘True’ is related to ‘False’ in the same way ‘Love’ is for _____
1.      Sad
2.      Hate
3.      Angry
4.      Dismay
Explanation: Contradiction for ‘True’ is ‘False’ in the same way ‘Hate’ is the contrast for ‘Love’
2) ‘Fan’ is for ‘Air’ in the same way ‘tube light’ is for ___
1.      Light
2.      Heat
3.      Cool
4.      Fire
Explanation: Fan is to provide air and similarly Tube Light for lighting
3)  ‘Bangles’ is for hand in the same way ‘Anklets’ is for _____
1.      Neck
2.      Fingers
3.      Nose
4.      Foot
Explanation: We Wear bangles for hands similarly anklets is for Foot
4) ‘Carpenter’ is for ‘Wood’ in the same way ‘Butcher’ is for
1.      Animals
2.      Plastic
3.      Steel
4.      Gold
Explanation:  Carpenter works with wood similarly Butcher slaughts animals
5) ‘Comb’ is for ‘hair’ and Brush is for____
1.      Teeth
2.      Eyes
3.      Nose
4.      Ears
6) ‘Brick’ is for ‘Building’ in the same way ‘Seed’ is for ____
1.      Flower
2.      Plant
3.      Fruit
4.      Vegetable
Explanation: Brick is the foundation for building similarly plants grows from seed
7) ‘Children’ is for ‘School’ in the same way ‘Patients’ is for ______
1.      Hospital
2.      Temple
3.      Ground
4.      College
8) ‘Mango’ is for ‘Market’ in the same way ‘Book’ is for
1.      Book store
2.      Magazine
3.      News paper
4.      Writer
Explanation: Mangos are sold in market where as books are sold in book store
9) ‘Driver’ is for ‘Bus’ in the same way ‘Pilot’ is for
1.      Boat
2.      Aeroplane
3.      Train
4.      Car
Explanation: The person who drives the bus is called Driver whereas the person who handles with aeroplane is called Pilot
10) ‘School’ is for ‘Principal’ in the same way ‘College’ is for
1.      Dean
2.      Vice Chancellor
3.      Professor
4.      Lecturer
Explanation: Head of the school is principal in the same way Head of the college is Dean
Level II
1) Cow is for ‘Calf’ whereas Kangaroo is for
1)      Joeys
2)      Pups
3)      Herd
4)      Parade
Explanation: Child of Cow is called ‘Calf’ where as Baby of Kangaroo is called as Joeys
2) Current is for ‘Ampere’ whereas Energy is for
1)      Volts
2)      Watt
3)      Joule
4)      Newton
Explanation: Unit of current is ampere whereas joule is unit for energy
3) Paws is for cat whereas Hoof is for
1)      Horse
2)      Cow
3)      Donkey
4)      Elephant
Explanation: Foot of cat is called as Paws similarly it is Hoof for Horse.
4) Chicken is related to Hen whereas Beef is related to
1)      Heifers
2)      Goat
3)      Camel
4)      Elephant
Explanation: Chicken is a recipe made from Hen whereas Beef is made from Heifers
5) Lion is for Pride whereas Monkey is for
1)      Labor
2)      Leap
3)      Team
4)      Troop
Explanation: Group of Lions is called as Pride whereas a group of monkeys is called as Troop.